What To Expect


What To Expect


What can I expect? Spirit  of Joy is an eclectic faith community of residents, “snowbirds,” RVers,  and visitors.  You will find us warm and welcoming.  Our attire is  comfortable (from shirts and ties to shorts and tennis shoes). 


We  have a parking lot with ample handicapped spaces near the main campus  entrance.  For special events, additional parking is available in  certain streets.  Parking attendants will assist you.


There  will be a smiling face to greet you by the door. Sometimes you'll see  someone holding a "Free Hugs" sign.  There is a guestbook if you’d like  to sign.

Getting what you’ll need for worship 

An usher will hand you an announcement sheet.  Hymnals are on shelves under the seats but they are not necessary  as everything is projected onto the large screen at the front of the  Worship Center.  Offering envelopes and other information about Spirit  of Joy can be found in the welcome folders located in the chair back pockets  in every row.  

Entering the worship space

This  space is usually buzzing with conversation and activity prior to  worship.  There are no reserved seats; you are free to sit anywhere.   For those who with allergies and olfactory sensitivities, there is a  "perfume free" section near the piano.  There is also a room for  discontent or overly-active children in the back.  

Traditional Worship -- Every Sunday at 8:30am 

Our traditional  worship includes several hymns, multiple Bible readings, a sermon, and a  formal spoken and chanted liturgy.  During worship, there is a time of  “sharing the peace” or greeting those near you.  Hand-shaking, hugging, and friendly waves are all acceptable forms of greeting.  Hand sanitizer and facial tissue are available in the Worship Center, for your convenience. Holy  Communion is part of every worship service.  Everyone is welcome to  participate in Communion.  The ushers will let you know when to come  forward.   Gluten-free wafers and grape juice are also  available on request'    Following  the worship service, you may greet the pastor as you leave the  building.  Coffee and treats are served after worship in the fellowship  building or the courtyard.

Praise Worship -- Every Sunday at 10:45am 

Our praise  worship uses contemporary praise songs sung karaoke style.  The entire  worship service (including the song lyrics) are projected onto the big  screens at the front of the worship space.  There is usually one Bible  reading, a children's time, and a message by our pastor.  Most people  stand during the songs, but you should feel free to remain seated.  All  are welcome to come forward for Communion.  You will be given a wafer  and invited to dip it into the cup of grape juice.  (Gluten-free wafers  are available.)  Following the worship service, you are welcome to join  us for fellowship, coffee and treats.

Healing Worship 

When there is a 5th Sunday  of the month, there is a service of healing in each of the worship  services.  This is an opportunity to receive an anointing of oil and  prayers for healing (for you or for someone else).  

Acoustic Worship 

On  Saturdays at 4:30, a small group of worshipers gathers for a simplified  worship service featuring contemporary hymns and songs accompanied by  piano, a sermonic conversation (questions and comments are welcome  during the sermon), prayers, Bible readings, and Communion.  This  worship service is perfume-free and very informal.  As with our other  worship services, all are welcome to come forward for Communion.