What do we believe about Baptism? 

Baptism is about God coming to us to love us, care for us and name us as God's own. Through baptism God promises to be our God, to be faithful to us, and to energize us with true life.   In other words, through baptism God "adopts" us. He makes us sons and daughters. He brings us into a relationship. That relationship is possible because of Jesus Christ. Though we have been separated from God because of shortcomings and failures, Jesus, through His death and resurrection, has made forgiveness a possibility that we might be able to live in a relationship with God. Baptism is a very special gift. It is the beginning of an exciting relationship with the One who loves us more than any other, who cares for us more than any other, and forgives us more than any other. Like any other relationship, a relationship with God must be taken seriously or it will stagnate and die. In order to truly experience the fullness of what it means to be a child of God, we need to be involved through weekly worship, daily prayer and devotions and Bible study. The better we know God, the more we will enjoy the relationship. Baptism places us into a personal, living relationship with Jesus Christ. All of His promises -the hope of eternal life, the hope of enthusiastic, joy-filled living here and now, and the assurance of unconditional forgiveness and acceptance are ours through baptism. Because baptism is God's work, God’s promise, we baptize infants. God wants all people to enjoy Divine love, especially children. BAPTISM OF INFANTS occurs in consultation with the Pastor, after a time of baptismal preparation for parents and sponsors. We recognize the baptism of other Christian faith traditions. Anyone interested in joining our mission through affirmation of faith, transfer or baptism, are expected to attend one or more of our Who We Are classes. 

What do we believe about Communion?

Communion is also a special gift of God. In communion, Jesus is with us in a very real, intimate way to love us, strengthen us, forgive us and encourage us. As we taste the bread and wine, we are reminded of the sacrifice Jesus made for us. But more than that, we receive a fresh touch of love from Jesus Himself. Communion is Christ’s "love you". It's a time of reflection, thanksgiving and celebration.
Who Can Receive Holy Communion? At Spirit of Joy all baptized believers who believe with us that Jesus is given with the bread and wine are welcome to receive Holy Communion in worship. We respect each parent's decision when to have their children participate in the sacrament. We generally commune by intinction (dip the bread into the red wine or white grape juice). Children not partaking of communion may come forward for a blessing.
Weekly Celebration of the Lord's Supper Whenever we are gathered to worship, we experience Christ's command to remember him. Communion is celebrated every Sunday at Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church.
WANT TO LEARN MORE?Attend one of our Who We Are classes. Current members are always encouraged to participate as mentors or as a refresher course. We are always being made new through new relationships and communal learning.  

A recent Baptism at Spirit of Joy.

A recent Baptism at Spirit of Joy.