Corona Virus Update

From Pastor Sharon and SOJ Council


March `14, 2020

Spirit   of Joy Council met this afternoon to discuss the recommendation from   the Bishop's office (below) that we received this morning. We  are  following Bishop Hutterer's recommendation and will not have  worship,  events or meetings on the SOJ campus through April 3rd. The  Bishop's  office will be connecting with the Conference Deans on an  ongoing  basis, as things develop.... Please check your email regularly  for  links to online worship, ways to connect, and other devotional   resources. My hope is to have a Time of Prayer, Lamentation, and Hope   sometime on Sunday streamed through Facebook Live and uploaded to our   church website. Look for the livestream around 11:00 am, and the link   emailed to you around noon (depending on working out the upload   process).

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